The Bed Experts

Out range goes above and beyond to make sure that you wake up in the morning feeling invigorated and relaxed. Each of our beds offer you a superior level of comfort, giving you the best opportunity to enjoy a full night’s sleep.

Who We Are

Black women-owned, proudly South African interior space group focusing on manufacturing high-quality, customised furniture that is affordable and modern.


Precision Interiors has been connecting South Africans with their favourite furnishings for generations. That’s why the vast majority of our customers are also our friends. Drop into Precision Interiors and chat with our knowledgeable staff, learn how we produce top quality furniture at affordable prices. Talk about value!
Choose from our wide range of furniture and appliances from the bedroom to the kitchen, dining room to the lounge, all the matching accessories: coffee tables, wall units and audio and visual components, tailored to your taste and your budget. There is luxurious leather, imported fabrics and contemporary or classic designs to choose from. It’s all because of Precision Interiors unequalled experience in choosing stylish, quality furniture you can afford.

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